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Kennedy Space Center Tour

Travel through space and time and see the Space Shuttle Atlantis! Meet a real astronaut upon arrival at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex



Description and Duration in hours 9

The day becomes an odyssey as you experience the thrilling past, present, and future of America's space program. This tour begins with a 55-70 min. ride to the Kennedy Space Center on Board an exclusive Luxury Private Direct Van. En route, your guide briefs you on your Florida Space Coast visit, and then escort you around the wonderful exhibits. During this time you have the opportunity to touch a piece of Mars, explore a full-size Shuttle replica, and enjoy an IMAX presentation. Then stroll through the world's only Rocket Garden before you get VERTICAL! The Shuttle Launch Experience replicates the sights, sounds, and feelings of a shuttle launch. This is a one-of-a-kind motion-based simulator, the only realistic simulation of a launch ever created. You will then board an exclusive coach for a tour of NASA restricted areas. Ride out to the Space Shuttle Launchpads, closer than regular guests are allowed, drive by one of the largest buildings in the world, the impressive Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), and visit the award-winning Apollo/Saturn V Center. At the Apollo/Saturn V Center, relive the launch of Apollo 8 then explore an actual Saturn V rocket - one of only three in the world! Then enjoy a front-row seat in the Luna Theater as man lands on the moon. Lastly, it's back to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to re-board your Luxury Private Direct Van back to Orlando, Kissimmee, and Disney areas.

What you need to know

Please note: As part of the U.S. Government NASA space facility, KSC is subject to closure without notice of certain exhibits and other unscheduled changes due to security reasons. For security reasons, all guests are subject to body searches and are not allowed to bring anything larger than a pocketbook or purse on this tour. Also, no sharp objects are allowed (knives, tweezers, etc.)